We’re Hiring

“Whatever you put in, is what you’ll get in return.”

-Leo Godinez


The world is fast moving these days, with more demand for quick-response services. The old business models are fading, and now we face a broad market of high demands and great expectations. LandscapeMe is a direct response to that. We’re seeking committed people who thrive off a day’s work, and want to reap the rewards from their efforts. Those who want to take on all they can and work at their own leisure will have full access to the company’s market. With customers provided, we will entrust you with their needs, to grow their trust in you and our company. As we expand so will your opportunities to work as much or as little as you please, when you please, at your pace. We will give every opportunity to brand yourself and your services. You can make a career off your skills where you are the boss.

  • Prospects must legally be able to work in the United States as a 1099 employee. We’re devoted to you being able to decide when you want to work, and how much you want to work.
  • You must be able to move around freely without assistance as well be able to lift and carry at least 60lbs. We want to be sure that you’re capable of performing tasks safely.
  • There are tools of the trade required to take jobs. These include a lawn mower and trimmer, cutting scissors and weed puller, safety glasses and work gloves, a rake and broom, and a working cell phone. We encourage the use of electric lawn mowers and trimmers, but accept gas operated ones. All tools must be in good condition and maintained. LandscapeMe will provide a mandatory-wear company shirt and heavy-duty recycling bags for yard waste collection.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and insurance, with a reliable vehicle that can transport necessary equipment. It is crucial to your success that we give consistent quality service to customers.
  • Every prospective employee will have to undergo a standard background check. This is to protect our company family and our customers.


This is a 1099 opportunity, and we want you to work as you please, as much as you please. You are getting out in the world, self-employing yourself and taking personal responsibility for what you have at the end of the day. No more corporate bureaucracy and red tape. You are your own boss, a part of the company family.

We want our prospects to know how their company operates. So let’s say – we charge a customer $50 for a cut and trim, the company would take a percentage, so that you can take home the majority of the payment in addition to any customer paid gratitude. We encourage service above and beyond to create a loyal customer base that will want you as their regular.

This is a great opportunity to build your career and become a part of something. Something that you make happen with your own hands, it is absolutely within your grasp to be successful with LandscapeMe!